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Burgh House occasionally writes articles on subjects related to business, for publication in local or overseas media. This page provides an index to these articles.

If there is a subject on which you think we should write, or you are newspaper editor seeking copy, please contact us.

Confidentiality Statement

Burgh House takes its clients’ confidentiality very seriously. Therefore except where our involvement is in the public domain we do not reveal the names of our clients or discuss in detail the work we have done for them.

Please note, therefore, that we can write about actual client experience only in the most general terms or with the explicit approval of the client or clients concerned.

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Click for: Advertising your business • An introduction [Burgh House:Articles]

Advertising your business

An introduction

Click for: Could your business use help from an Angel? • (Or maybe you’d like to be an Angel yourself?) [Burgh House:Articles]

Could your business use help from an Angel?

(Or maybe you’d like to be an Angel yourself?)

Click for: Which Google™ do you use? • Did you realise it makes a difference? [Burgh House:Articles]

Which Google™ do you use?

Did you realise it makes a difference?

Click for: A Website For Your Business? • Exploring the possibilities… [Burgh House:Articles]

A Website For Your Business?

Exploring the possibilities…

Click for: How to win in business • Coaching: it’s not just for athletes… [Burgh House:Articles]

How to win in business

Coaching: it’s not just for athletes…

Click for: Listening To History • A true story [Burgh House:Articles]

Listening To History

A true story

Click for: 30 Millionaire Saints? • It could be you! [Burgh House:Articles]

30 Millionaire Saints?

It could be you!

Click for: Something for ME! • Getting your life back [Burgh House:Articles]

Something for ME!

Getting your life back

Click for: Are there leaders on St. Helena? • Are you called to lead? [Burgh House:Articles]

Are there leaders on St. Helena?

Are you called to lead?



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