Missing H

It’s a frequent mistake…


It’s frustrating when it doesn’t work [Burgh House:Missing H]

When you typed our URL you omitted an H.

Our correct domain name is http://burghhouse.com, derived from the company name: Burgh House.

We spotted that it was easy to mistype it with only one H, so to save you from having to deal with one of those irritating ‘404’ errors, we registered http://burghouse.com and pointed it to here.

You can now access our site as normal.

PS: If you got here from another site, please contact us (or them) so that we can get their mistake rectified.


Burgh House does not provide any services that require regulation under the Financial Services Ordinance 2008.

Just imagine…Burgh House [Burgh House:Missing H] 

Just imagine… Burgh House, Business Solutions • Missing H
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PS: St. Helena, Saint Helena or St Helena - it’s the same unique place!


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